If you're wondering why I-84 was completely shut down last night on both sides, east and westbound, it was because of a massive wreck that ended with explosions and people going to the hospital.

According to KTVB, the Idaho State Police reported that four vehicles were involved in this crash.  The crash took place near the Cloverdale overpass on I-84.  A commercial vehicle along with another vehicle slowed down for construction and that's when a second commercial vehicle came in from behind striking those that had slowed down.  The accident caused explosions and huge flames of fire which led to everyone close or involved in getting as far away as possible because of the danger of more explosions with leaking gasoline.

We know that at least two people were immediately transported to the hospital but we have no idea how bad or good their condition is.  I-84 between Eagle Road and Cole Road was shut down on both sides of the freeway for the protection of the public.  An investigation is currently underway.

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