In a heart-stopping incident that sent shockwaves through the tight-knit community of Kuna, as this was shared all over Facebook, the Red Eye Saloon found itself at the center of a dramatic event this week.

A truck crashed through the iconic saloon, sparking fear and concern among the patrons and locals who were there. However, thanks to the courageous efforts of the employees and customers who helped out, and the timely assistance of responders, tragedy was averted and thankfully no one was killed or injured.

In a post from the Red Eye Saloon after the incident, the owners took to social media to express their gratitude and relief. They acknowledged the efforts of Troy Stewart, thanking him for his exceptional performance, as well as the customers who lent a helping hand during the crisis.

Red Eye Saloon in Kuna
Red Eye Saloon on Facebook

Their heartfelt message extended to the local law enforcement, fire department, and disaster cleanup teams, who rushed to the scene to provide support and assistance.

The Red Eye Saloon has announced that it will temporarily close for repairs and assessment. They have received support from the community, alongside The Longhorn Lounge who started opening earlier to accommodate early risers who would normally be at the Red Eye Saloon by 10am — this as an effort to assist Red Eye Saloon so they can reopen.

According to the comments of various Facebook posts about this, this was a drunk driver who allegedly backed into multiple cars before leaving, and then floored it into the building.

Unfortunately, this is not as uncommon in the Boise area as we would hope — keep scrolling for pictures of other incidents.

These incidents serve as reminders to check on each other and drive safely, as well as the importance of quick thinking, cooperation, and having gratitude for the dedicated first responders who tirelessly safeguard the safety and well-being of our communities.

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