The 2022 Olympic Winter Games in Beijing are set to begin on Friday, February 4, and scheduled to continue through Sunday, February 20. There is a motto for every Olympic Winter Games, and this year the motto is ... "Together for a Shared Future.”

If you weren’t already excited for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, I have some more good news for you! To my knowledge, there are 5 Olympic Athletes this year who are from Idaho! (Photos & details below 👇)

You will notice there are 6 athletes listed below, and not 5. That is because Breezy Johnson (earlier today) withdrew from her events due to some recent injuries.

6 Idaho Athletes Going to the 2022 Winter Olympics

Popular Winter Olympic Sports You Won't See on KTVB

From the Luge to Curling, these sports will not be on your TV in Boise if you're a subscribe to DISH.

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