It's so sad to hear about this kind of thing happening anywhere, but it's especially infuriating for it to happen within our own community.  I think it's safe to say it was a especially sad morning today for the employees of the Idaho Black History Museum to discover the N-Word written in the snow on the roof of a shed owned by the museum.

Executive Director Phillip Thompson who took the picture and posted it on the museum's Facebook page says, "It's  just out of ignorance and I don't really see what point it serves.  But it's indicative of the current social-political climate, how things have kind of gotten a little tense all of a sudden."

If there is any shred of good news from this story it's that Thompson says that incidents like this are rare and he that there has not been any "outward acts of violence" towards the museum in about 15 years.  "This is not reflective of Boise, this is just some schmuck that has too much time on his [hands,]," Thompson goes on to say.

Unfortunately, it looks like whoever did this will most likely get away with it since there are no surveillance cameras on the historic St. Paul Baptist Church building inside Julia Davis Park, where the museum is located.

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