This story could have ended so much worse if it wasn't for one Idaho couple who put their lives on the line.


Cassie Beyer and her husband Donald took an RV trip to Louise in Alberta, Canada a couple weeks ago and their adventure ended up becoming much more adventurous than they ever anticipated.


They were driving their RV down Highway 93 when they saw this grizzly bear following a bicyclist.  The person on the bike knew that running or any type of sudden movement was not the best way to handle a grizzly so they were calmly continuing.


Cassie and Donald pulled over honking and shouting at the bear trying to distract it and take it's attention away from the cyclist.  While they were distracting the bear two pickup trucks on the other side of the highway pulled in between the bear and the cyclist separating them so the the cyclist could get away.


At one point the bear started running after the cyclist but with all the vehicles honking and flashing their brights on it stopped to see what all the co-motion was about.  Once the cyclist was completely out of reach and their was no more danger possible the trucks along with Cassie and Donald went along their way.