Why people do this, I don't know.  I can understand crime to an extent and wanting to get away but when you ram your vehicle into an officer's vehicle and then come at them with a knife... it's just flat out suicide.  And sometimes it's for something as small as theft or so many other kinds of minor crimes it just doesn't seem worth it.

According to KTVB, the Elmore County Sheriff's Department was called yesterday morning at 8:49 about a man driving a white pick-up truck recklessly through his property.  The truck was stolen and the chase was on.  During the chase, this man rammed the white truck into an officer's car which busted up the truck enough to where he had to take off on foot.

Officers chased the man down until he was backed into a corner and that's when he aggressively came at an officer with a knife.  One of the deputies fired off four bullets killing the man instantly.  No information about who the man is has been released at this time.

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