If we're #1, that's not saying a whole lot about the rest of the country.  We all must have some serious issues when it comes to driving.  And who the heck came in last?


This survey was conducted by Kars4Kids and over 2,500 people took part to give the most accurate rankings possible.  The survey entailed lots of questions about road rage or would you steal someone's parking spot... that kind of thing.  And hey, I guess we're #1!


Oregon and Montana made it into the top 5 and Washington came in at #8 so we're doing pretty good here in the northwest.  If you had to guess one state to come in dead last, I think one hundred out of one hundred people would get it right.  New York came in dead last!


The Kars4Kids survey also narrowed things down to who is the most polite drivers.  Women between the ages of 51 and 64 came in at #1 there.  For more details on who landed where and why, click below.


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