There has been talk of Costco coming to the small area of Idaho Falls since 2012 but year after year, nothing was happening.  Finally, something IS happening.  It's official.  Costco is set to open in August of 2020 in Idaho Falls.

This Costco will not reside close to the freeway because there are concerns that may cannibalize the Pocatello Costco.  Instead, they've chosen an 18-acre lot in the northeast area of town which will also serve Rexburg, Rigby, Jackson, (Wyo.), and Swan Valley.

Idaho Falls’ economic development director Dana Briggs stated...

The main criteria is that they have to create 100 jobs at $15-an-hour

According to East Idaho Business Journal, this is a $21 million project that the city of Idaho Falls has been patiently waiting for and residents seem to be very excited that it's finally really happening.  No more talk.  No more rumors.  No more ANYTHING, it's time to start building and preparing for a new way of life.  This Costco will include a warehouse and gas station.

Briggs also made this statement about Costco...

They’ve evaluated the market in the past and determined that this was the time to be here.  Based on the other locations here in Idaho, what their revenue targets are, everything like that, Idaho Falls has never been at the level to move forward so they can be sustainable and profitable and now we are. I think it’s been our continual growth that has added to us being able to qualify.

Congratulations to the city of Idaho Falls and I'll give you a quick personal tip on Costco shopping.  Saturdays and Sundays may be busier but they're by far the best days ever to shop because the FREE SAMPLES are endless.  If you have kids, they'll die to do some shopping if it's weekends at Costco.

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