The plight of a 69-year-old Idaho grandmother serving time in a federal prison draws support from several prominent Conservative advocates. Pam Hemphill, fighting breast cancer, is serving a sixty-day sentence for her efforts to cover the January 6th storming of the capitol dome.

Locally, television personality Brian Holmes has been the subject of numerous comments concerning Ms. Hemphill's plight. You can read that story 
National Talk Show Host Clay Travis questioned why Ms. Hemphill was going to federal prison. At the same time, thousands of Antifa and other anarchists have not been charged with burning several American cities?  

 Mr. Travis and Buck Sexton are heard nationwide from 10 am-1 pm MT. Premiere Networks picked their show to replace the Rush Limbaugh Show after the famous El Rushbo died. Mr. Travis is also the founder of the sports, politics, and culture website Outkick.

Mr. Travis is one of many national media figures who've criticized the judge for forcing Ms. Hemphill to prison. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene shared her outrage over Ms. Hemphill's treatment by the feds.  



How to send your support to Ms. Hemphill

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