Hot Springs in Idaho are very popular, so much so that people try to hide locations of hot springs so that tourists can't find them. Unfortunately, with the power of social media and people posting their locations, some of the most hidden hot springs are now the most popular in the state.

There's not much we can't tell you that you already know about hot springs and why they're so popular. With their natural beauty, relaxation, and wellness, you can escape urban life and enjoy the unique geothermal features. 

Can you really purchase an Idaho Hot Spring? 

Yes, there's a hot spring up for grabs, but there's a catch the hot spring for under $4,000 is only a claim. The 'Hot Spring Cave' placer claim is 20 acres on the Bruneau River in Oweyhee County, Oregon. The Idaho Mining Claim is #230830. 

This specific piece of land is sold as a "Hot Spring Cave placer gold mining claim." Cutting through the land is the Bruneau River, about an hour from Boise, with the nearest town Bruneau that is nine miles away from the land. Other places close to the claim are Bruneau Sand Dunes, the Oregon Tail Three Island Crossing, and the old mining town of Jarbridge. 

What's a claim? 

According to the seller, "You do NOT own the surface rights of the land, only the mineral rights." Meaning other people can enjoy the property, and they can recreate on the claim, but they are not allowed to prospect or mine. This claim is on property that has a hot spring and a pretty cool cave, but you don't not own the land, and it is being sold as a place for prospecting. You can go panning, metal detecting, or sampling inside a mine without a permit.


Hot Spring Crave Gold Mining Claim For Sale

 The 'Hot Spring Cave' placer claim is 20 acres on the Bruneau River in Owyhee County, Oregon. Township 7S, Range 6E, Section 34 (W2 of SESW4), Boise Meridian. Idaho Mining Claim #230830. Asking $3,900.

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