This is one area we seem to keep dropping in for some reason.  I've heard all sorts of theories as to WHY drivers are so bad here in Idaho and if you don't believe people that say that's true, look at the facts. just released an in-depth report with facts that show Idaho isn't in the Top 10 for best drivers.  Nope.  We're not in the Top 20 or Top 30 either.  Idaho comes in at #31 out of 51.  Yikes.  Here's the breakdown of where we're falling short.

  • Careless Driving: 15
  • Drunk Driving: 36
  • Failure to Obey: 28
  • Speeding: 22
  • Final Rank: 31

The stat that jumps out at me is DRUNK DRIVING.  We're getting closer and closer to that last place spot with drunk driving?  Really?

When you check out the news and see how many fatal crashes we have and a lot of them have drunk driving involved, yeah, it doesn't surprise me.  That's the one area that's really dragging us down although, we're not flying high in any area.  Our best category is 'Careless Driving' and we're still only 15th.

So why are drivers so bad here in Idaho?  Why does it seem to be getting worse?  The following are theories I've heard from different people.

  1. CALIFORNIANS - It's no secret that we've had a lot of people moving in from down south over the past few years and let's face it, California is known for sunshine, high prices, and BAD driving.
  2. MILLENIALS - These people get a bit of a bad rap in the "I Don't Care" department and some feel that this is a generation more focussed on who's calling or texting than what's going on outside of their car.
  3. RUDE PEOPLE - Did you know that according to that Idaho has the rudest drivers in America?  We're talking #1 people.  Yeah.  We come in dead last which is shocking to me because I feel like Idaho has some of the nicest people in the world.  Rude leads to ROAD RAGE and other unnecessary incidents that may lower our overall standings.

I don't know if these things have a lot, a little, or nothing to do with our poor driving standings but the fact is, we're NOT good and we should all work on paying attention more, never getting behind the wheel when intoxicated, slowing down, and obeying rules.  Let's see if we can bring that score up and make the Top 20 next year.

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