is 'Wanted' and on the run after shooting a man driving a Range Rover yesterday on I-84 in the Northern Utah area near Rattlesnake Pass.  The driver was killed in the shooting and the passenger was injured.  Llana was driving a silver Jetta which eventually he ditched after he'd continued on I-84 North towards Idaho.

Credit: Utah Highway Patrol

After ditching the vehicle Llana took off on foot and remains 'At Large'.  He is believed to be armed and dangerous.  The Idaho State Police have teamed up with the Utah Highway Patrol in a manhunt which includes every possible resource in hopes of bringing Llana in before someone else is hurt or killed.

As of now, we don't know who was shot and killed or who the injured passenger is.  We also don't know the motive or background to this story.  We have no idea if Llana knew the victims or if this was some type of random act of violence.

According to KTVB, authorities believe Llana could be in the Burley, Idaho area but you know how these things go.  This guy could be anywhere so it's important for all of us to keep an eye out and to NOT approach Llana if you spot him.  Please call 911 immediately and alert authorities.  There's a picture of him below.  Take a good look and be aware.

Credit: Idaho State Police

We'll keep you posted as new details emerge.