What in the world?!! Why would a teacher feed a puppy to a snapping turtle?! To make matters worse he did it in front of kids!

According to KTVB, teacher Robert Crosland has taught at Preston Junior High School in Preston, Idaho for years.

The circumstances are a little muddled at this point, but what we do know is that the incident happened after hours and it was not part of any sort of school experiment or anything school related for that matter.

It's unclear at this point if the puppy was dead or alive when it was fed to the turtle, but students did witness it.

So far Mr. Crosland has not been charged with any crime and has not been placed on administrative leave.

This is not the first time he has done something like this. Multiple students say he would feed guinea pigs to both snakes and snapping turtles during class time over the years.

The school district is looking into things and says they will take measures to ensure that these kind of things don't happen again.

They say Mr. Crosland was adored, but personally this makes me sick. The mental damage witnessing this kind of behavior could cause could scar these kids for life.

We'll keep you updated if criminal charges are filed or if any new details come forth regarding this disturbing story.