Remember the old jokes like "Famous Book Titles You'll Never See" and the book would be titled "100 Great Ways To Fix Liver"?

Well, there are some that would have said that about Idaho wines at one point. That is changing however! More and more Idaho wineries are starting to produce award winning wines on the slopes around Boise and the Treasure Valley.

It's no secret that I like wine. My go to wine is usually a nice malbec or a garnacha. I've gravitated towards the Spanish and Argentina wines because of that. So imagine my surprise and happiness when it was discovered that the climate on the sunny slopes of the Snake River around Marsing, Melba, Caldwell and other areas, is really close to the climates in the regions of Spain and Argentina where the grapes used in garnacha, malbec, tempranillo and others are grown!

Just a short drive from anywhere in the valley, we have several really good, if not great, wineries putting out great tasting reds, whites, moscatos, syrahs, and more! Yay!

Food & Wine is calling the Idaho wine region one of their "must visit" wine regions, and several local vineyard owners are gaining attention for putting out some award winning wines!

If you're a wine lover like I am, take a day or two one weekend, and do the loop of Idaho wineries. It's a pleasant drive. It's a great "date day" activity. You get to see some of Idaho's amazing countryside scenery, and you may just find a new favorite wine!
See what Food & Wine have to say about our Idaho vineyards HERE

Source: Food & Wine

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