Idaho is one of the worst states for early education in the country. 

Early education is crucial because it lays the foundation for a child's development and future success. During the early years of life, typically from birth to around the age of eight, their brains rapidly develop and form neural connections at an astonishing rate. 

Brain development, critical periods, cognitive development, and long-term educational success are significant reasons why early education is essential. WalletHub brought in experts to determine which states across the U.S. had the best and worst early education systems. 

How did they determine which states had the best early education systems? 

They compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 12 key metrics, including the share of school districts offering a state pre-K program, the number of pre-K quality benchmarks met, and total report spending per child enrolled in pre-K. 

WalletHub shared, "In addition, those who attend pre-K programs have been shown to have less risk of future crime than those who do not. One estimate shows that every dollar invested in early education programs for disadvantaged families may generate $7.30 in economic benefits due to its impact on helping children grow up to be healthier, higher-earning adults." 

Why is Idaho one of the worst states for early education? 

One primary attribute is that we are ranked 50th for the amount of 3-and 4-year-olds enrolled in Pre-k, Pre-K Special Education, and Head Start. Another essential factor in why Idaho is ranked so low is the need for more access to early education. Idaho is ranked 42nd regarding access to early education opportunities for families. 

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