Four people from the Treasure Valley and three from Lewiston received a gift in Washington D.C. they never expected.


Emily Koleno of Boise along with six of her friends were there for a conference and had some time to kill.  So why not hit the baseball diamond to check out the Washington Nationals play.  Minutes after they all sat down they heard a loud crack and the whole crowd stood up screaming.  A ball went whizzing by their heads, hit the scoreboard behind them, bounced off someone's arm and landed in Emily's lap.


It was a home run... a grand slam... and it was the 100th home run for last year's Major League Baseball's MVP, Bryce Harper.  The group gave that symbolic baseball back to Harper and he sent a little love over their way as well.  Harper gave them a tour of the clubhouse, took some pictures, and signed autographs.


It's all about being in the right place at the right time.  Emily and the gang are representing all the way over in Washington D.C.