My family and I went to check out the new Canyon County Spuds play against the mining Tommyknockers in Caldwell at the gorgeous and newly finished Wolfe Field. I knew we would have fun but I didn't know we would have as much fun as we did. Seriously this is making it in my sons forever memory bank. It was such an epic evening for all of us and I would highly, highly recommend picking at least one game this summer to check out with family or friends.

The food is amazing, not your average hotdogs and warm beer, oh no. At the Spuds home games at Wolfe field expect a great food selection of mouthwatering options. The pulled pork nachos are so good. So are the steak fingers, and the angus burgers and for desert, get down on one of the huckleberry ice-cream bars. Yum. 10 Barrel brewing is a major sponsor of the Spuds baseball team, so great options are also available.

Now a little more about the team. The Canyon Country Spuds are a collegiate summer baseball team that play home games at Wolfe Field in Caldwell. The field, stands and entire park surrounding are beautifully and newly done. The Spuds are all about having fun along with playing a great game of baseball. The entertainment factor is huge with these guys. From dancing players, blindfolded pillow fights, games, music, and more Spuds fans will see non-stop excitement in the summer of 2021.

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Here is some more information about the team and League from the Canyon County Spuds website, "Canyon County Spuds is a proud member of the Expedition League collegiate summer baseball league. The Expedition League is celebrating its 4th season in 2021. The “EL” features 12 teams playing in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Nebraska, Wyoming, Manitoba Canada, and now Idaho. Teams play a 64-game season beginning in late May through mid-August. The league hosts a mid-season All-Star Game and an end-of-season playoff to crown an Expedition League champion. The league’s inaugural season of 2018 featured 8 teams. Ultimately, the vision for the Expedition League is to grow to 30-40 teams.


You can purchase single game and season tickets Check out the full schedule here.... 

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