BOISE, Idaho - The campaign continues throughout the state of Oregon as two more counties before the end of the year voted to support the movement called "Greater Idaho" which would extend Idaho's western border.

The Greater Idaho movement started in 2020 and according to their website "we prompt the idea of creating a greater (bigger & Stronger) Idaho so that conservative counties can become a part of a red state. We started from rural Oregon, but our movement now includes people of northwestern Oregon who welcome a new, smaller Oregon, as well as Idahoans, Californians, and Washingtonians".

Their website also has a brochure for eastern Oregon, Idahoans, and western Oregon. The brochure for Idahoans makes sure to make statements like "STOPS IDAHO FROM BECOMING MORE LIBERAL!" and "PUSHES OREGON LAW FARTHER AWAY".

But, what do people in Idaho want?

I discovered a Reddit thread that asks people "Do You Want Oregon part of Idaho?". The thread has over 90 comments and is trending in the "Idaho" group.

But, what about marijuana? That was one user's concern on Reddit.

So you don't have to I have compiled the answers that have gained the most traction. According to "The Greater Idaho movement is a radical proposition that would see nearly two-thirds of Oregon’s 63 million acres (98,000 square miles), but less than 10% of its population, join neighboring Idaho."

Another Reddit user wasn't a fan of the question saying "this is a stupid question. The legislature of Idaho and Oregon would have to agree. Then the Federal government would have to agree as well, so good luck".

But, I think it's fun to look at what people actually think about the situation.

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