Have you visited this place?

When it comes to traveling, I'm not too proud to go to the touristy places. I grew up in a tiny tourist town and I know how valuable a visiting dollar can be. However, there is something to be said about those hidden gems. You know, the places off the beaten path. The places that don't always get the attention they deserve or you need a local to tell you about them.

The best kept secrets, if you will.

I recently stumbled upon a list of the best hidden gems in each state. Now, many of these places are hot spots for tourist, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear that some of us haven't been to them either. Not everyone plays tourist in their own town or state, but I highly recommend it.

Of all the things to choose from in the state of Idaho, the writers chose the Idaho Potato Museum.

I'm not saying this magnificent business is not worthy of such distinction, I just giggled a bit because I did not know this existed. But now that I know it does, I need to see, smell and taste it. You'll find the Idaho Potato Museum in Blackfoot. It's filled with the rich history of potatoes, along with plenty of Instagram-worthy photo opportunities with potato sack dresses and giant potatoes.

So tell me, have you been to the Idaho Potato Museum?

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