Our beautiful state is often associated with potatoes, but a new study reveals that we are way more into this food than potatoes.

Finger Steaks were voted "Idaho's Favorite Food" in a new study by msn.com.

I had never had finger steaks until the summer of 2016 and no wonder these little bites of deliciousness are so popular because they are dang good!

According to the MSN study, the best place to grab some finger steaks is at Lindy's Steak House in Boise. They'll set you back $10.25, but trust me they are well worth it. The first finger steaks I tried were at Westside Drive-In and I was impressed.

If you don't understand the concept of a finger steak, it's essentially a chicken nugget made of tender steak. I like mine dipped in cocktail sauce, but I've seen them dipped in fry sauce before, and I'd imagine they'd be good with a little steak sauce.

Either way, move over potato, the finger steak is taking over Idaho!