Idaho is one of the fastest-growing states in the country, with more and more people moving in from across the country. However, did you know the Gem State is the fourteenth largest state geographically in the country? Join us now as we take a look at five fascinating facts about your favorite state.

Idaho had an Otter for governor who served three terms



CL."Butch Otter served as Idaho's governor for three terms.  Prior to his service in the governor's office, Otter was lieutenant governor and a congressman representing Idaho's First Congressional District.


Senator No Return

Idaho has a wilderness called named after a senator called "no return wilderness area. The area is officially called the Frank Church Wilderness of No Return in honor of Idaho US Senator Frank Church. The area was named after the senator in 1984 by Congress.  Wikipedia says it is the largest continuously managed federal area outside of Alaska. Senator Church was in the senate from 1957-1981.


Idaho is home to the most famous football field in the country

The iconic 'Blue' home to the Boise State Broncos recently celebrated its 35th year of service to Bronco Nation.  Over the years, the Broncos have held the best home-field winning record in college football.  What began as a stroke of marketing has become a symbol to the entire state.

Idaho is the birthplace of Television


Philo T. Farnsworth created the world's first television set in 1938. He fought several legal battles over the years with RCA and others who had the rights to his electronic device. Farnsworth founded his television and radio company, but his legal issues limited his ability to develop and maintain manufacturing and distribution.


Idaho is home to the Niagra of the West

Twin Falls, Idaho is home to Shoshone Falls called the Niagra of the West.  The falls are 212 feet high, which is higher than Niagra Falls.  The entrance to the park is only five dollars and features a world-famous light show throughout the year.

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