We could blame the lack of fans in the stands. Or perhaps, we all missed our four-year peak last year when the Tokyo Olympics were supposed to happen.

Have you noticed a lack of Idaho enthusiasm for this year's games. Despite the efforts of three-time gold medalist Kristin Armstrong, Jay Tust, and the rest of the KTVB team, there appears to be no local buzz about the Olympics this year in Idaho.  

The Idaho Statesman breaks down the Idaho connection to the games, but is anyone excited when you have no home state champion to cheer for during the games? How many of us remember the coverage of Armstrong's incredible journey to becoming the most decorated US Women's cyclist of all time.  

How about Jeret Speedy Petersen winning the silver medal at the Vancouver Games in 2010? Or if you want to old school, how about Picabo Street? Maybe it was easier to get excited about games so close to us when KTVB covered the story like a local one. Nationally it has been a so-so games when it comes to medal counts. The games have been dominated by Simon Biles's challenges with competing once again at an elite level.  

Regardless of the international storylines, it appears without a sold local tie to the games, most of us are getting ready for the start of football season. My observation doesn't diminish the efforts of our elite athletes competing at the high levels of competition.

Although, it does make us realize that local athletes like Armstrong and Peterson do not grow on trees. It should rightly fully elevate their accomplishments to another level, a once-in-a-lifetime level that we'll all remember. A one moment in time, if you will.  

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