Cheeseburgers are always awesome, but today they’re a little extra awesome because it’s National Fast-Food Day. So, of course we’ve gotta share with you the best cheeseburger in all of Idaho!

It's actually ranked as one of the best in America, and we'll also include a list of the most common and most popular fast-food chains in Idaho, so keep scrolling 👇

There’s a recent article from Lovefood that shares the most delicious cheeseburger in each state...

They say, “With just three major components – a beef patty, burger bun and cheese slice – cheeseburgers are pretty simple. But there are many different ways restaurants can go, from using American or Swiss cheese to a brioche or potato roll. Read on to find the best cheeseburger in every state. Things can change so be sure to check individual restaurant websites for dine-in, takeout and delivery options before you visit.”

So, where can we find the most delicious cheeseburger in Idaho?

Idaho's Most Delicious Burger is “Cowboy” at The Ranch Scottish Highland Burgers in Boise

Google Maps | The Ranch Scottish Highland Burgers
Google Maps | The Ranch Scottish Highland Burgers

Lovefood says, “Consisting of a 4oz Scottish Highland beef patty, Cheddar, lettuce, ketchup and pickles, the Cowboy comes from a food truck on family-owned Big Valley Ranch. Open since 2010, The Ranch gets rave reviews for its fresh and flavorful meat. Burgers come with skin-on Idaho fries, which are also said to be excellent, and a drink.”

Keep scrolling for a complete list of the most common/popular fast-food restaurants in Idaho 👇

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