In-N-Out is on its way to taking over the Treasure Valley and while some of us prefer local burger spots, it's time that we embrace the burger franchise that is going to change the landscape of fast food for Idaho.

But what about the other burger spots in town?

We love our local burger spots and this author's personal local favorite is Burger Belly but we're not here to endorse the amazing local spots we have. We're here to talk about the hypothetical expansion that is In-N-Out and the places we wouldn't mind having access to the California burger chain.

Will the grand opening be worth the long lines and extended waits? Only time will tell; regardless, that should give In-N-Out more reason to give us more locations to enjoy.

Scroll on to see ten places in Idaho that we wouldn't mind In-N-Out taking over. Which places would you like to see an In-N-Out?

10 Other Places in Idaho We Want In-N-Out To Invade

In-N-Out is coming to the Treasure Valley next month and today we're looking at ten other places we want to see the burger chain set up shop.

Look, we get it... In-N-Out isn't for everyone and that's okay! If we're going to take the side of "Devil's Advocate" and take the side of those opposed, here is our argument...

Scroll on to see the top five reasons why In-N-Out might not be the best option for burger lovers in the Treasure Valley...

But What About The Other Side Of The Coin? Here Are 5 Reasons People Don't Want In-N-Out In The Treasure Valley

The news is out: In-N-Out Burger is coming to the Treasure Valley with their first location set to be in Meridian. But is this really a good idea?

But what if In-N-Out isn't the best option for the Treasure Valley? Perhaps it's a popular burger chain from the south...

Keep reading to see why Idaho is in dire need of one of the greatest burger chains of all time...

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We're nearing the end of 2022 and we still don't have a Whataburger in the Treasure Valley... here are five reasons why we're missing out.

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