Idaho is known for its potatoes, scenic landscapes, and Bronco football.

Apparently we are not known for basic general knowledge questions.

AT&T All Home Connections compiled a list of the most popular "Why do ____" questions from every state, and Idaho certainly did not disappoint. Folks in Washington want to know why cats like boxes. Oregon they're curious as to why cats kneed. In Nevada they also have pets on the mind, wondering "why do dogs lick?"

Idaho, the wonder that she is, somehow topped them all.

Idaho's most Googled question is "Why do men have nipples?" Seriously. Go look. This is actually what people in Idaho are looking up on the internet.

While we won't get into the technical answer here, let's just say it's a miracle of nature. Either way, is this really how we should be spending our free time? The world is in turmoil, our country is divided, there's probably aliens out there, and you just want to know about dudes' boobies.

2018, you are amazing.

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