Before I even write "You'll never guess...," I'm actually right. I don't know how Idahoans picked this as their favorite drank.

Whenever anyone (who doesn't live here) mentions Idaho, it's always some lazy potato joke. Which, I've lived in Boise almost two years, and besides the giant Simplot building I barely ever see anything potato related (the glow in the dark NYE one doesn't count.) However, potato vodka is so hot here right now, so you'd figure maybe a 44° North Vodka martini would be #1? Potato vodka and tonic? Nope. Not even close.

According to Thrillist, Idaho's go-to poison of choice is actually a whiskey sour. Why tho? I can count on one hand using only my thumb how many times I've seen someone order a whiskey sour in the state of Idaho. If you told me a Moscow Mule was #1 you'd have a believer. But a whiskey sour?

Hang on. Gotta go Google "Is whiskey made with potatoes" because that would honestly explain a lot.

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