If you missed Zach Bryan, then you need to read this. 

The Zach Bryan show at the Ford Idaho Center will be one that people will never forget. Not only did Zach Bryan bring on stage Molly Johnson, a 17-year-old girl from Eagle, to sing with him after she made a TikTok Video every day until he commented on her video on the 176th day. 

@mojo1900 I think both our moms are smiling down on us @Zach Bryan @Brianna @Noah Le Gros @Read “Two Show” Connolly @Dewayne Bryan73 ♬ She's Alright - Zach Bryan

When Zach Bryan played at the Ford Idaho Center on August 17th, he set an attendance record, bringing more fans into the arena than ever. 12,166 people attended his show that evening, and I'm sure they walked away from that concert saying it was one of the best they've been to. 

You'll have another chance to see Zach Bryan if you missed the concert. 

Zach Bryan released a self-titled album on August 25th, and if you have yet to listen to it at least five times since then, you're missing out. After announcing his album earlier this week, he announced a tour just a few days ago. 

Zach Bryan's "The Quittin Time Tour '24" will have over 54 shows between March 6th and December 14th of next year. 

You will need to register for first access to the 2024 presale tickets. 

Registering doesn't guarantee you access to the presale tickets. Like when tickets went on sale here in Boise, it was a lottery of who could get the presale code. Here's where you can register for the Zach Bryan presale code. 

Closest Zach Bryan Tour Dates To Boise

Zach Bryan announced his 2024 tour dates, here are the closest to Boise.

If you want to see what the show was like in Nampa, check out these great pictures we got at the show.

Idaho Loves Zach Bryan! Pictures from His Show in Nampa 2023

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