Quizzes and games are everywhere on Facebook. Hopefully you haven't already played this one, or your Facebook account could be compromised.

What My Little Pony character are you? Only people from (city) will understand this! You tell us your favorite toe and we'll tell you what college major you should choose. We've seen it all. If nothing else, in 2017 Facebook has become the go-to place for fake news and time-sucking quizzes. For the most part they're pretty harmless, but this one is blatantly aimed at stealing your Facebook password.

If this hasn't popped up on your feed yet, it will. Here's what the post looks like:


See, what they're trying to do there, is to get you to answer with last names, maiden names, etc. Those just so happen to be some of the most popular passwords for Facebook users. Even worse, some people use the same username and password for other social media sites, online banking, and other information that you'd surely prefer remain private.

If this bad boy pops up on your feed, don't do it! If you see it as someone else's status, warn a pal. However, if you just can't get enough of those Facebook quizzes (one's that won't put your life in Jeopardy), we've whipped up a few that are near impossible to score 100% on.

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