With so many people moving here, and with Boise having one of the fastest-growing job markets in the country, you would think more open jobs would be filled, or more jobs created. However, there’s a new study that ranks Idaho somewhat poorly when it comes to hiring new workers.

Career Cloud says, “It has never been more challenging to hire workers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported on October 4 that there were 10.7 million unfilled jobs in the United States while unemployment is at 3.7%. This means there were a historically low .5% unemployed Americans for every open job.  Simply put, employers are currently hiring from the smallest pool of unemployed job candidates than at any time in the 21st century.”

To find the best states regarding hiring workers, they analyzed federal data in five categories including job openings, population growth, education levels, diversity, and the business tax climate. So, where does Idaho rank on their list of the best states for hiring new workers?

Idaho ranked #30, and here’s what Career Cloud reported about the state of Idaho...

Business tax rank: 17

% population change, 2020-21 (ranks): 2.88 (1)

% of adults w/ bachelor’s degree or higher (ranks): 30.7 (36)

Diversity index (ranks): 35.9 (40)

Job openings rate (rank): 7.2 (34)

The best states for hiring (top 5) include Florida, Washington, Delaware, Nevada, and Arizona.

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