What grocery store was recently rated as the very best grocery store in all of Idaho?

There’s an article from Lovefood that shares each state’s best grocery store, at least for the time being, because apparently their list is frequently being updated — but of course we were wondering which store was rated the very best grocery store in Idaho.

Idaho’s greatest grocery store is the WinCo in Moscow!

We thought for sure it would be the Albertson’s in Meridian, but WinCo in Moscow has us beat.

Here’s what Lovefood says about this...

“For grocery prices that are lower than low, WinCo – an employee-owned grocery chain in the western states – is the place to go. You may have to sacrifice having your bags being packed for you but it’s worth it for the great-value produce, quality selection and friendly staff. There are often extra discounts when bulk-buying goods at the Moscow store.”

So, if I’m understanding correctly, every WinCo in Idaho is a good choice (basically the same), simply for the lower prices and the great value produce etc. But the one is Moscow is especially good because you can get bigger and better discounts for making bulk purchases? Interesting!

Have you ever shopped at Moscow’s WinCo? I haven’t, but if you’re ever in or near Moscow, consider checking it out I guess haha! The address is 1700 Pullman Rd, Moscow, ID 83843

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