There is a youtube channel called  Dogman Encounters with over 90,000 subscribers. The host interviews people who tell accounts about encounters with werewolves. Episode 342 features pastor in Twin Falls who has an intense story about his and his families encounter with a werewolf.

In his testimony he says at first he thought it was a mountain lion but then realized it was a werewolf. The episode is long, about an hour and 45 minutes but gives a very detailed account. Chuy even acknowledges that he was skeptical himself, but all of the evidence he shares in this testimony seems legit.

Dogman Encounters intros the episode with: "Tonight’s guest, Chuy, is a full-time pastor who lives in Twin Falls, Idaho, in an area called The Magic Valley. While strange and frightening things happen in the area around Twin Falls, most of the strange and frightening activity happens in Hell’s Canyon. Hell’s Canyon is actually where Chuy had his first Dogman encounter."
Click on the box and a youtube window will pop up so you can hear for yourself.

Do you believe in werewolves? There is a recent poll that claims 1 in 5 people believe in werewolves. According to swnsdigital this is the breakdown of what people believe in:


  1. Ghosts 57%
  2. Visitors from other planets 39%
  3. Bigfoot 27%
  4. Loch Ness Monster 22%
  5. Vampires 22%
  6. Werewolves 22%
  7. Zombies 22%
  8. Yeti 18%

There is a book by Katella Stegmann called An American Werewolf in Idaho. Don't get too excited it is not about an Idaho werewolf sighting, it is a book for teens described on the amazon description as: "Wise cracking werewolves, non-sparkling vampires, a dash of romance, and a journey of self discovery. Being a teenager is hard. It's even harder when you're part wolf."

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