56-year-old Alrenzo Quagigant has been pronounced dead after a bad accident that took place yesterday in eastern Idaho on Ross Fork Road east of Interstate-15.  CBS 2 Idaho News just reported that Quagigant was getting pulled over by the Idaho State Patrol and things seemed to be pretty normal.  He pulled off to the side of the road, stopped, and waited for officers to approach.  When officers exited their vehicles, Quagigant stepped on the gas and took off.

ISP immediately followed with a high-speed pursuit.  Quagigant lost control of his vehicle, crossed I-15, slammed into an RV which forced his vehicle off the side of the road and completely out of control started flipping over and finally rolling on to its top.

Authorities stated that Quagigant was not wearing a seatbelt and alcohol was a factor.  Quagigant was pronounced dead immediately at the scene of the accident.  At this time we do not know why he was pulled over or what the motive was for him to try and flee from the police.  An investigation is underway.

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