Leaving Idaho, whether it's for a brief vacation or a more extended or even permanent departure, often stirs a mix of emotions. There's something about this state that tugs at the heartstrings, making it difficult to say goodbye, and effortless to embrace when you return.

Many of us have experienced that profound sense of relief and belonging when we come back to Idaho after even a short trip away.

So, what do people think after the permanently move away from Idaho?

Sure, Idaho can be a little rough around the edges at times, and we know right now we don't necessarily want any of our secrets about the good things in Idaho getting out to the general public because too many people are moving here... but Idaho truly is an amazing place to live.

That said, when people move away from Idaho, there are always things they really miss. In fact, sometimes they miss those things about Idaho so much that they actually regret moving, and some people even move back to Idaho just to have those things back in their lives again.

In today's world of division and uncertainty, Idaho stands out as a beacon of unity and stability. For many, the thought of living somewhere else actually seems unfathomable.

So, as we explore the reasons why former Idahoans regret their move, it's evident that the essence of Idaho goes well-beyond geography and weather. Keep scrolling for 6 reasons people who move from Idaho say they actually regret moving, and 76 photos to see just how much Boise has changed over the years.

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