For over fifteen years, Idahoans tuned in to watch local meteorologist Jim Duthie tell them if they would face rain or shine. Mr. Duthie will hang up his television forecasting skills at the end of the year.

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Jim likes the weather

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Mr. Duthie has shared his master gardening experiences on KTVB in addition to forecasting the weather. His departure is another loss for the Boise television station that once had the most experienced and most meteorologists in Idaho.

Everyone loved Larry
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Beloved icon Larry Gebert died a few years ago, leaving a hole in the state that will never be filled. Local meteorologist Bri Eggers left the station to focus on her family. Mrs. Eggers returned to Boise from Boston, where she hosted a local feature along with forecasting the weather.

Rick Lance is the only member who has been with KTVB for years. Idaho, unlike other states, does not have severe weather issues like hurricanes, tornadoes, or brutal winter weather. Most of the local weather forecasts focus on sunny days or a massive weather event in another part of the country.

Bri takes on the crab!
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Mr. Duthie moved to the morning show to replace Larry Gebert. He told the KTVB audience that he looked forward to sleeping in. Prior to coming to Boise, Mr. Duthie worked in Salt Lake City. If you're traveling in Montana or California, you might hear him on the radio forecasting the weather.

His passion for gardening was shared with his television audience. We wish Jim and his family a great vacation and we want to let him know that we will miss him on television in Boise.

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