Over the weekend, Caldwell residents were left scratching their heads as a series of photos surfaced on social media, depicting a truck seemingly defying gravity and being on top of a home's roof. Shared in the Boise - Bad Driver Spotted Facebook group, the images quickly prompted a wave of speculation and festive humor.

The initial post humorously suggested, "Something about this Christmas decoration just isn’t right," triggering a bunch of jokes and memes in the comments. Locals also questioned whether or not this was staged, given this appears to be a company truck with that company's sign in the background, as seen in the photos.

Is this a real crash?

This is, in fact, a real crash. Idaho Statesman reported that according to the police, a 36-year-old Nampa man lost control while making a lane change on Interstate 84. The Nissan pickup left the interstate, crashing through neighborhood areas and multiple chain-link fences, and ultimately flipping up the rear end of the truck on top of this home's roof, according to authorities.

Despite the realness of this incident, the "Boise - Bad Driver Spotted" Facebook group members, Caldwell residents, and many in the Treasure Valley are embracing this as an opportunity to share holiday jokes. One commenter shared...

"On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me... 1 flying truck and a partridge in a pear tree."

And if this accident wasn't already fascinating enough, many locals are still questioning the legitimacy of the incident (even though it was reported by authorities to be real), because there are commenters on the Facebook post saying, "I remember seeing this last year."

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