It has been two years since our community lost Larry Gebert. He was known as the most popular meteorologist, if not local television's most popular local broadcaster. He was famous for taking his morning weather forecasts on the road to promote nonprofit organizations throughout the Treasure Valley. Thanks to his efforts, no cause was unable to raise funds and awareness. 

At six feet six inches, he was truly larger than life, although his works exceeded his height. Mr. Gebert was constantly present for early morning views of Boise's Channel Seven. He combined a passion for providing accurate and dependable forecasting with a traveling road show highlighting fundraising efforts from charitable groups.

Viewers were captivated by Mr. Gebert's seemingly endless energy. For years, he would be the 'roving reporter,' covering various parades in the Boise and McCall area. He never missed a beat, running from one vehicle to another, literally hopping on to get that interview. Larry Gebert had a unique ability to make anyone he interviewed feel special, leaving a lasting impression on their hearts. 

He began his career after a local radio station manager convinced him that being a radio/television manager told him that he could promote several charitable organizations if he worked in media. "That meeting changed my life," Larry Gebert told us. 


Mr. Gebert held nothing back, including when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He shared his challenges with the public and created multiple broadcasts and events promoting prostate cancer awareness. 

We asked folks throughout the community to share their memories of Larry Gebert. 

Jim Duthie:

"Larry, I, and our late great photographer Theresa Palmgren, who passed away suddenly a year ago, were like the Three Musketeers at the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic. Theresa handled the camera and live shots for our morning show, as Larry did the show live from the Balloon Classic on weekday mornings, and I did them on Saturdays. 

Larry and I also teamed up to provide the morning weather briefings for the balloon pilots. Between on air hits we would talk with folks who came to watch the balloons, especially kids. Everybody wanted their picture taken with Larry, and I would happily take their pictures for them. 

One day, a young boy approached ME and asked ME if he could get his picture taken with ME! I was flattered and surprised, and Larry quickly stepped up to volunteer to take the photo. Afterward, the excited boy looked up at me and said, "Gee, thanks a lot, Larry!" If I was going to be mistaken for anyone, I'm glad it was Larry. He was a big man with a huge personality, and I am so happy to have known and worked closely with him."


"My favorite memory of Larry was watching him run up and down the street doing live interviews during the Veterans Day parade. He was such a wonderful person and will always be remembered…..and missed."


"Years ago, I worked for a company that was in charge of maintaining the Channel 7 building. Once a week, I would have to go there and buff the floors and do other stuff. Larry Gebert was the most friendly guy in that studio. He would always say hi and talk to me."

Ray Emmons

"I used to go into the Channel 7 building as a vendor. Larry always had something funny to say to me. He had a very dry and very funny sense of humor."


"Larry helped, and Governor Otter and my kids served at the Christmas banquet at the River of Life Rescue Mission."


"During COVID I found fleece material with weather words on it. I thought I would make Larry a 9' blanket to thank him for helping our nonprofit. I missed him, but a person at the studio called him and he said he would meet me the next day at 1:00 pm. Sure enough at 1:00 pm Larry came out wearing a mask that looked like his face…so adorable!"

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