Boise television anchor Doug Petcash left our state a few months ago. While working at Channel Seven in Boise, He was a dynamic anchor, a productive community member, and always quick to lend a hand to a needy nonprofit. Many current staff members credit him as a mentor and a role model. Though Doug has left Idaho, most of us wonder how he's doing in his new job in another state.

Check Out Boise TV Reporter Doug Petcash Through The Years

A look at his dedication to the Gem State.

Gallery Credit: Kevin Miller

What Happened to Doug Petcash?

Mr. Petcash announced at the beginning of the summer that he would be taking a job in Columbus, Ohio. His new career would allow him to cover local, state, and national politics. Mr. Petcash has already reported on Representative Jim Jordan's campaign to become the new Speaker of the House. Columbus, like Boise, is the state capital. In addition to his reporting duties, He hosts the station's weekly public affairs program.



Why Did He Move to Ohio?

The Pennsylvania native told a television audience that after he lost his wife, he felt the need to be closer to home. He also shared that he met a lady with whom he went to high school and credited her with helping him out of the darkness. Columbus is very close to Western Pennsylvania, allowing him to be near his family and childhood friends.

We'll continue to update you on this story as it develops. Don't be surprised to see Doug on national television interviewing the big political guests.

Doug Petcash's New Life in Ohio

We look at his life in Ohio.

Gallery Credit: Kevin Miller

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