Chad Daybell, the one-time grave digger turned cult leader, will face justice in Ada County next year. Lori Vallow's husband's trial date will begin in April of next year. Mr. Daybell's wife has been convicted of murder and conspiracy to murder on several counts in the deaths of her children, JJ, Tylee, and Mr. Daybell's first wife, Tammy. She will be sentenced next month to multiple life sentences. 

Lori Vallow's trial drew international media attention and we expect that the international, national, and regional media will be returning to cover the final chapter of this tragic Idaho case.

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Mr. Daybell's trial will be in Ada County due to the larger available jury pool, the larger population, and the abilities of the Ada County Sheriff and Prosecutor's Offices. The suspect will face the death penalty if convicted. Some folks say that if he is convicted of the death penalty he could face the firing squad. Idaho's legislature just passed a law allowing the firing squad to be used as a means of capital punishment.



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The public will continue to wait until Mr. Daybell's day in court. Experts believe that the chances of Mr. Daybell being acquitted are relatively slim to none.  We'll continue to update you on this case as it develops.

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