How's your morning commute to Boise treating you? If it feels like a daily struggle, you're not alone. We recently covered the most frustrating things that Boise drivers experience during their morning commutes, and in our research, we learned that Idaho is actually home to some of the worst drivers in America, according to 2023/2024 data.

This isn't just a passing complaint anymore; it's a cold, hard fact. Let’s just say, when it comes to the best and worst states to drive in, it isn't looking very good for Idaho.

Some locals might view this as a call to action, urging fellow Idahoans to "be better!" On the flip side, there are those who might secretly think, "Good! Maybe this will deter people from moving here."

Where do you stand?

Jr. Z | Boise - Bad Driver Spotted
Jr. Z | Boise - Bad Driver Spotted

The goal should always be a safe commute to and from work. Sadly, Idaho's current state of driving is not making that journey any easier. A recent report from The Hill reveals the best and worst states for driving. Let's look at the findings for Idaho.

Where is Idaho on the list?

Coming in at #6 — Idaho is in the Top 10 worst states to drive in...

Factors like cost of ownership and maintenance, traffic and infrastructure, safety, and access to vehicles and maintenance were all considered. The study also looked at 31 relevant metrics like average gas prices, rush-hour traffic congestion, precipitation frequency, road quality, traffic fatality rate, car theft rate, and auto-repair shops per capita.

Yes, you read that right – Idaho is officially the 6th worst state for driving.

Keep scrolling for a list of the other 9 states on the list.

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