Idaho, once again, emerges as a standout summer destination in 2023, securing its place at the top of travel rankings throughout America. As summer comes to an end, here's your reminder (for both residents and tourists) to make the most of the remaining sunny days before Fall gets here!

Idaho's consistent presence in the "Top 10 Best States for Summer Road Trips" by WalletHub should come as no shock to those familiar with the area and all the amazing things we have here; Natural beauty, diverse outdoor activities, and welcoming communities continue to impress visitors.

We've been no stranger to these "Top 10" lists for a few years now, but what's even more thrilling is that this year, we ascended to an impressive #5 spot, rising even higher on the list. What truly sets Idaho apart is the endless potential for exploration. Even long-time residents can uncover hidden treasures, whether it's a tucked-away town, a renowned eatery yet to be tried, or adventures close to home.

And we talk about these thing on this page so you'll be informed and have new things to try.

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The best part? Exploring Idaho doesn't break the bank compared to other states. WalletHub's study found that all top-ranking states are budget-friendly, making Idaho an affordable option for adventures. So, whether you're a traveler seeking new Idaho experiences or a local looking to make the most of the last days of summer, seize the opportunity before Fall is here!

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