We're living in a time of extreme technology advancements and innovation, and students are finding themselves in an interesting position where they might be able to use AI to help them with their school essays and assignments.

Are Idaho students using AI to help them with their essays and school assignments?

A recent study by Ask Optimo, an AI-driven platform, looked into the search terms people often use when looking for AI help with their essays. They combined these terms to figure out how often people in each state search for AI-related essay help per 100,000 residents.

What's did they find out about Idaho?

Ranked at number 32 on the list, Boise residents exhibit a moderate interest in leveraging AI for essay composition, with only 112 searches per 100,000 people. The top searches in Boise reflect a preference for tools like "Essay chatbot," "AI assistant writer," and "Paper writing AI."

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While Idaho's position might not rival that of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, or Texas, where AI essay assistance has significantly higher search volumes, the data highlights a growing curiosity among students regarding the potential benefits of artificial intelligence in school.

Idaho stands out prominently when compared to states in the western half of the United States, along with California, Washington, and Wyoming.

As Boise adapts to technology changes, educators and policymakers can explore why students turn to AI for help — whether it's for easier essay writing or better structuring, AI in education is an important topic as learning methods evolve in our digital age.

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