We know, we know. This will make some of you happy, and some of you very unhappy.

The question here is, do we want people to know how great Idaho is? Well, whether we like it or not, the news is out there and people love Idaho — as it's been ranked time and time again among the top states that everyone loves.

Everyone is looking our way, Idaho, and there’s no denying we’re continuing to grow rapidly.

The Manual made a list called, "Where Should I Move? 3 States Everyone Loves (And 3 People Can't Wait to Leave)," and, spoiler alert, California is losing its appeal. Instead, folks are flocking to Idaho, alongside Florida and South Carolina.

For us Idahoans, this isn't groundbreaking news. We've been witnessing an influx of Californians eager to embrace our picturesque landscapes, and The Manual shared some insights into why Idaho is so irresistible: Idaho offers an enticing blend of perks, similar to South Carolina — affordable real estate surrounded by untouched wilderness.

Okay, the fun things to do and the untouched wilderness? Yes. The affordable real estate? Maybe not — at least not anymore. The state has ranked ahead in regards to factors like cost of living, school, and taxes. There's also a political motivation behind many of the relocations to Idaho.

As aforementioned, many are moving to Idaho, but is it the only good state to be moving to right now? No. Let's put some other options out there! Keep scrolling for 25 Affordable Cities to Look into Before Moving to Boise, as well as the 20 Highest Earning Cities in Idaho.

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