Here's a refreshing brew of knowledge for you – two facts about our local beer that maybe you didn't already know... or did you?

First and foremost, today is National Drink Beer Day. It's a day to savor the crisp, hoppy, and delicious flavors that our local breweries have to offer. But here's the kicker – it's also a day to celebrate the incredible contribution of our state, because the next fact is...

Idaho is notorious for more than just our world-famous potatoes. Did you know that Idaho is the second-largest hops producer in the entire United States? Hops are what give your beer the bitterness and flavor that Idahoans love. Our state's dedication to hop farming ensures that your favorite brews are packed with flavor.

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Supporting local is a big push in September for Idaho Preferred month. However, we only have a few days left in September, so we want to encourage you to support local even after September — shopping local should be a year-round commitment. There's so much to appreciate about our local farmers and products!

And believe it or not, there's more than just local hops and potatoes. If you're curious about what else Idaho's agriculture scene has in store? Keep scrolling to uncover some fascinating Idaho agriculture facts that will leave you completely in awe. Learn more about our state's rich agricultural heritage and the incredible produce that contributes to our entire country.

We've also attached a list of some of the highest-recommended breweries around.

These Idaho Agriculture Facts Will Blow Your Mind

All facts and information was provided by this Idaho Agriculture Infographic from 2021.

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