A power outage unexpectedly struck Kuna today at 1:13pm, leaving residents, schools, and businesses in the dark. Some residents are still with no power despite efforts.

According to Idaho Power, the power outage was caused by "weather-related" issues. Residents have shared there were large gusts of wind that knocked over a power pole near Deer Flat Rd. and Meridian Rd. right by the KJ's and Ridley's stores.

The community-popular Facebook group, Kuna Must Know, played a key role in keeping locals and neighbors informed by providing a way for residents to share updates etc.

Chad T. | Kuna Must Know on Facebook
Chad T. | Kuna Must Know on Facebook

For example, it's been reported by Idaho Power that power will be restored in phases; some residents already have their power back, and some have been informed that their power will be back on by 9:30pm tonight. There are many posts on Facebook from people in each neighborhood sharing what information they receive and when exactly their power has been restored.

Idaho Power acted swiftly to address the situation, providing timely updates to the nearly 3,000 affected residents. As of right now, the restoration process is ongoing and will occur in phases, meaning that some areas in Kuna may continue to experience outages until the originally projected time of 9:30pm.

Local businesses, including stores near the impacted areas, felt the effects of the outage, disrupting normal operations. Additionally, Kuna's schools lost power, and the stoplights in Kuna (even down Meridian Rd.) were out during this time, causing traffic delays.

Crews are actively working to repair and replace the damaged infrastructure, ensuring a comprehensive restoration of power to all affected areas as soon as possible. Residents are urged to stay updated on the situation through Idaho Power's communication channels and exercise patience as crews work diligently to resolve the issue.

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