To the surprise of no one, Idaho's cult mom Lori Vallow was found guilty by a jury of her peers at the Ada County Courthouse Friday afternoon. Mrs. Vallow will not face the death penalty, but life in prison.


Her husband, Chad Daybell, does face the death penalty once his trial begins. Some experts believed that the lack of having the death penalty as an option helped the jury come to a quick and decisive decision.

Internet Shocked by This New Lori Vallow Footage

As if this trial hasn't been enough--new footage obtained by media outlets now shows Lori and Chad being served by a pool--with no cares in the world.

The one time bubbly charismatic mother is now a convicted murderer. Here is a breakdown of her conviction.



Lori Vallow should thank her attorneys for filing a motion that removed the death penalty as an option for her case. They cited multiple factors, including her mental state and the media coverage and other factors. CNN reported the following:

Fremont County District Judge Steven Boyce ruled in favor of the motion to dismiss.
"The court concludes here that as an appropriate discovery sanction, the state will be precluded from seeking the death penalty at trial, and the state's May 2, 2022, notice of intent to seek the death penalty will be stricken.
"To be clear, the court does not impose the sanction to penalize the state but rather to ensure the constitutional right of the defendant is protected, allowing for a reasonable defense to be prepared for this trial," Boyce said in an oral ruling.

So much for the rights of JJ, Tylee, and Tammy. The judge gave the now convicted murder mom a pass. If all things are equal in the Idaho justice system then the same logic should be applied to Chad Daybell.

Lori Vallow deserved the death penalty for her crimes. It's a tragedy that a ruling by the judge denied justice for the victims, their families, and our state.

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