The first week of testimony has wrapped up in the murder trial of Lori Vallow. She is on trial for two counts of first-degree murder involving the deaths of her two children, JJ and Tylee. Vallow is also on trial for conspiracy to commit murder involving the death of Tammy Daybell. If convicted, Vallow will get a life sentence.

Today's testimony involved Vallow's sister inlaw Zulema Pastenes who was married to Alex Cox. Her testimony revealed the history of Chad Daybell and Lori's courtship while they were married to Charles and Tammy.



Daybell believed he was a prophet that would lead 140,000 people through the end of the world. The jury did hear that Alex told his wife that he thought Idaho's doomsday couple was setting him up to be the fall guy involving Tammy's murder.


Another revelation involved Chad Daybell comparing himself to a popular fictional film character. He had a special name for Lori.


The testimony concluded for the day and the trial will resume on Tuesday. We'll continue to update you on the trial as it develops.


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