The Lori Vallow Trial returned to the Ada County Courthouse after an extended weekend. The testimony featured the conclusion of Alex Cox's wife, Lori's son Caleb, a lot of emotion, and a financial breakdown of how much money Lori received from Social Security to take care of JJ and Tylee.

The Insider reported one of the many tense moments. "You murdered my siblings!"  "I thought I could trust you, I thought that you were a completely different person." Lori was in jail in Idaho awaiting to be charged in the deaths of her other children JJ and Tylee.


Colby Ryan took the stand testifying to his frustration with his mother's behavior and her marriage to Chad Daybell. Her son broke down during the playing of several calls between him and his mom.

After Colby's testimony, the jury heard from Rexburg Police Det. Chuck Kunsaitis. He revealed the financial records of Lori Vallow and her sources of income.

Court will continue Wednesday morning as the prosecution continues their case.



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