The Trial of Idaho Cult Mom Lori Vallow continued at the Ada County Courthouse as a former close friend of Lori's testified for the prosecution. The jury also learned the extent of the fatal injuries suffered by Charles Vallow, who Lori's brother shot. 

The ninth day of the trial began with Melanie Gibb taking the stand. She provided the timeline of how Lori and Chad went from being married to their spouses to eventually marrying each other after the suspicious deaths of Charles, Lori's husband, and Tammy (Chad's Wife). 





   KSL Television describes Melanie's description of the day Lori met Chad. Know once knew that their meeting would begin the process, of their eventual destruction and the loss of five lives, due to their actions. 


"Vallow Daybell and Chad Daybell met in 2019 at a religious conference in Utah catered to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but not affiliated with the church. Gibb says the two immediately hit it off. 

"She seemed very interested in him, like someone who was very attracted. She seemed very flattered by him, she seemed very flirty," Gibb told Idaho prosecutor Lindsey A. Blake. "He told her that they had been married in another time period."    


Today's testimony also detailed how Chad viewed himself as a God who could create vibrations to stop the demons. Both Lori and Chad described their enemies as dark or zombies. Chad took a particular interest in Lori's brother Alex Cox. Listen to Chad's creepy 'blessing' of Alex the killer.

The prosecution also released a phone call of Melanie confronting Lori. You can listen to it here.

The end of the day featured tapes of Chad blessing Alex calling him an angel that will be called on to protect the masses from the zombies during the end times. The trial continues tomorrow.

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