Last year we reported that celebrity chef Robert Irvine visited a restaurant in Nampa, Idaho. The show is supposed to be about getting your business back on track along with renovations. However, this episode was so much more than your usual flip this business that are so popular on cable television. The show aired recently and it was quite emotional. We have watched the episode twice and want to share with you the bravery of this young Nampa couple. 

Food Network

Robert Irvine visits Nampa, Idaho, to rescue a Hawaiian restaurant called Island Kine Grinds. Married owners Renus and Ludi are on the edge of both bankruptcy and despair. Renus' health issues have left him physically incapable of helping Ludi, who is overwhelmed managing the restaurant by herself. Robert must help Renus heal his mind, body and spirit or else their marriage and business could fail.


The show has been on the Food Network for several years, originally starting in 2011. The show took a break for a few years but has been back on the air since 2019. Irvin is far from a Chef or a muscle head. Who is Robert Irvine? We've come up with little-known facts about him that you can read here.

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