There's a new, locally-owned hat shop that opened up in Meridian, and Treasure Valley style enthusiasts are having a lot of fun checking it out! Let's learn a little bit more about the business.

Whiskey Ranch Hats is your local haven for one-of-a-kind hats. This dynamic business, owned by A.J. Townley and his wife, Ashley, specializes in crafting custom hats using a unique "burning" technique, making them a standout in the community.

Whiskey Ranch Hats began as a passion project in early 2022 when Ashley experimented with burning designs onto hats. What started as an experiment quickly gained traction when these unique creations sold out almost instantly on Facebook and the local events they went to. So, the couple decided to take the plunge and expand their business.

Their journey led them to participate in local events like the rodeos and the Boise Music Festival, where their distinctive hats became a hit. In December, they opened their first store in Nampa, and recently, they relocated to a more spacious location in Meridian to better serve their growing clientele in the community.

What sets Whiskey Ranch Hats apart is their dedication to offering something for everyone, using local products and entirely original designs that reflect the creative spirit of the Treasure Valley — locally-made hats for locals to enjoy!

Whiskey Ranch Hats
Whiskey Ranch Hats

If you didn't already know, September is Idaho Preferred Month, and that means it's time to double down on supporting your favorite local shops, and find the time to discover new ones.

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